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The latter is not thought to be only valid for twelve months between two birthdays as is otherwise the case but is thought to be analogous with the seven year rhythm. For example, the solar return chart three years after an individual's birth is thought to represent an image of the third seven year period which is also known as a Septar. Doebereiner refers to the Ascendant as "the available material", the Sun as "the realisation" and the Medium Coeli as "the unintentional effect".

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He also places great emphasis on the house rulers. The astrologer Christopher Schubert-Weller feels that Doebereiner's greatest contribution to astrology is that he " helped to make the quality of time in the horoscope more visible ". From Astrodienst Astrowiki.

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Wolfgang Dobereiner

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The Symbolon Deck The Symbolon deck is a pictorial representation of the twelve archetypes and their relationships, all depicted as persons. Their content is based on hundreds of therapeutic sessions with patients and draws from fairy tales, mythology, religion and common archetypes. It can be used to clarify astrological constellations, but they developed a set of spreads to be used seperately from astrology.

Ingrid Zinnel even defined meanings for them as "card of the day", with self-empowering statements. Personar A Personar is a special variant of a Solar. Bert Hellinger Symbolon uses the Family-Constellations concept of Bert Hellinger, finding out these family constellations in the horoscope, and defining conflicts and their resolutions out of it.

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