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Where in the world do you want to go, see, have or experience? Step back and think of yourself projected onto an IMAX screen. Do you like what you see? Is there anything you would like to change about how you look, dress, act or talk? Think of yourself as enrolling in an acting masterclass. What would you be telling them to change in terms of how you look and come across?

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How would you want to alter your presentation? Take note of how you makes you feel and within your budget and other constraints, update yourself so you evolve into someone more congruent with how you see yourself. If you are going to get yourself noticed, ensure it is for all the right reasons.

Romance may enter your life as may an opportunity to show people what you can offer in terms of your talents. Decisions will be made around these as you weigh up the costs of something quite literally, over the long term. You are undergoing a major shift around your priorities and what is truly important to you. Your income may increase or you may get or even be given more possessions, but at the end of the day, you realise this is merely a reflection of the value you put on yourself.

How are you being treated by people around you? Anyone from friends to your partner, a lover or even your employer. Which should include you at the end of the day. Even if you consider yourself a city slicker, you could feel a yearning to experience the great outdoors so get out of town if you can.

Getting outside brings you a fresh perspective and fires up your ideas when it comes to your next work or career move or even what you write, communicate or say. Your neighbourhood, suburb or everyday environment feature.

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Do you like where you live? Do you feel connected to it in some way? If not, this is a month to explore alternatives. Also, if you are not leaving town at the moment, why not explore some different areas in your city?

your personal horoscope

There are treasures waiting to be discovered if you do. Perhaps not of the huge lottery winning variety. But the kind that sees you in the right place, at the right time, finding that bargain or getting chatting to someone who offers you a key tip, idea or piece of information. Or they could even turn into that next important contact. What am I really saying here? This month has a dream and a direction all its own. Know that despite this, this month has your best interests at heart and that everything that happens has a higher purpose.

You are also being asked to adjust your frequency when it comes to your ability to receive. Just what exactly? Answers to your prayers, compliments, love, gifts, support, companionship — the list goes on.

Your Monthly Astronumberscope July August Sun in Leo - Michele Knight

It includes anything and everything your heart has set its sights on. Do you have no problem at all offering help, giving compliments or offering anything at your disposal to others, but dismiss what is offered back in return? Events this month could see you confronting your ability to ask for or just receive the good things of life even as events twist and turn around you. Time to set some priorities this month.

Your health maybe one of them. Whether we know it or not, it broadcasts round the clock and what we are telling ourselves has a direct impact on our everyday lives. This is very much a month of looking at your here and now and your everyday environment and realising this is a direct reflection of that constant chatter. What you need to understand is that you are the boss of this.

In other words, you control the programming. But we can only do that when we become aware of this.

Leo September Monthly Astrology Horoscope 2019

So, clear up those thoughts by first making changes to your home or work space — yes, declutter and refine. Change your routine up and also pay attention to your body. As you do so, watch what changes around you. This month is all about the macrocosm without reflecting the microcosm within. And you are the creator.

That thought alone should make you feel good about yourself. Embrace the power of your own magnetism, Number 6!

Pisces weekly career horoscope lifetime

What do you need right now? Is it love? A particular experience or opportunity? Who do you need to make this happen? A romantic partner? New boss? Travel companion? You are about to draw someone to you who represents that desire. They also embody what you need to grow on a soul level now and evolve. Teamwork and collaborations are in focus as are events surrounding the arts, performing, PR or simply good times. This is a month where you will attract on a big scale and yes, that includes attention.

Decisions can be made this month and each one you make builds on the one before especially when they involve love or self-love. Love could literally come knocking for some as this is the perfect time to attract someone new.

Your Monthly Astronumberscope July August Sun in Leo

Or just have the person who is already in your life, tell you how much you mean to them. Get magnetically loved-up. Take the next big step on your spiritual quest this month.